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Private riding school offers horse back riding in the country side at Heroutice Farm, located 2 km from Neveklov, in the direction of Jablonná nad Vltavou. Trail routes throughout the Neveklov countryside including Slapy dam. We provide beginning and advanced training as well. Heroutice Farm offers both weekly and weekend stays with horse back riding both for children and adults. Accommodation in two-, three- and four-bed rooms and cottages. Meals and refreshments available. For more information and booking: 317 741392 or come directly to Heroutice Farm and check us out.

                                 We are looking forward to your visit!

We might not speak English but we love horses and enjoy the company of those who love horses as well.

Horse riding
Training for beginners                           420,- Kč / 1 lesson (30 minutes)
Special training (jumping, dressage)      from 560,- Kč / 1 lesson (60 minutes)
Country side riding                               420,- Kč / 1 hour
Country side riding - jumps included      520,- Kč / 1 hour

One and two days trips on the horses for advanced
one day trip (including meal)                                             from 2.500 Kč
two days trip (including meal and accommodation)             from 3.000 Kč

Weekly and weekend stays with horse riding (including meal and accommodation) - lenght and prices can be set up individually.


Miloslav a Jana Perníčkovi
Heroutice 11, 257 56 Neveklov
tel.: 317 741 392, 604 23 28 34